50 Most Colorful Birds in The World

Birds are nature’s most iconic creations. Birds are beautiful, and you can take that as a true statement because I’ve seen so many birds in my journey as a bird enthusiast. The world is home to countless shades of birds ranging from blue, white, red, green, and almost any color combination you can think of. 

Picking the most colorful bird is hard; this list is only partial to them. The color of birds is used for camouflage, attracting mates, and protection. So, let’s get into it; here are 50 colorful birds in the world!

Top 50 Most Colorful Birds in The World

Here are my top 50 most colorful birds in the world.

1. Blue Bird Of Paradise

Blue Bird Of Paradise

The bluebird-of-paradise is such a magnificent bird. It is touted to be one of the most beautiful birds in the world, and I agree. The male of these birds has a blue tail and a bluish ivorybill. Their heads are black, along with their chest and back. The blue-bird-of-paradise also has a white ringed eye that gives it a striking look. To top off its look, the male bluebird-of-paradise has a reddish-brown flank of weather and double long flowing tail feathers! 

The female bluebird-of-paradise does not have the ornamental Graz feathers, but they look like their male counterparts. 

When it is mating season, these astonishing birds will perform a mating ritual that involves dancing. The courtship display of these beautiful birds is similar to those peacocks do. 

2. Splendid Fairy Wren 

Splendid Fairy Wren

When you hear a bird with the term fairy in its name, you think it must be a magnificent bird! This is absolutely true about the splendid fairy wren. These petite beauties can be seen in the scrubland in western and central Australia. 

The female splendid fairy wren is gray, violet, and light dusky. The young female and males share a blue tip that can be spotted on their wings. When it is breeding season, the splendid male fairy-wren becomes very blue, like, an intense shade of blue. It is beautiful to see when the males become very blue in the breeding season. 

The splendid fairy wren is hardly seen even by the most experienced bird watcher because they are so fast and can be in a spot now and be gone the next minute. However, through persistence, one can still get a good picture of them. 

3. Greater Bird Of Paradise 

Greater Bird Of Paradise

The greater bird of paradise is a beautiful bird that can only be seen in the deep forests of Indonesia. But if you ever have the opportunity to see one of these birds, I promise you will be blown away. 

Let me tell you a funny story about the greater bird of paradise. When the Europeans first saw the greater bird of paradise, they thought it had no feet and never touched the earth. 

The bird’s Latin name(Paradisaea apoda) means “legless birds of paradise.” 

The male greater bird of paradise has a green neck, blue beak, yellow crown, and maroon plumage. They also have a long wavy tails with white and yellow color. On the other hand, the female greater bird of paradise has an unbarred-maroon brown color. However, they lack the ornamental flank feathers in the males. 

4. Marvelous Spatuletail 

Marvelous Spatuletail

The marvelous Spatuletail is the type of bird we see in Disney cartoons. The color of these tiny birds appears to be shimmering, which gives them a mind-blowing appearance. The marvelous Spatuletail has dazzling tail feathers on both sides of its body, and those tails flap very fast in the air. They flap so fast that the human eye can’t see. 

The marvelous Spatuletail can only be seen in southwestern Peru and the Rio Utcubamba. The marvelous Spatuletail belongs to the human bird family, and they have a beautiful turquoise collar along with green wings and back. The crest of the marvelous Spatuletail is blue-violet, and a black line separates their breast. 

On the other hand, the females share the same bronze-green color found on the males, but they have a colorless neck, head, and tail. The most beautiful feature of these birds is their tail, which is composed of four feathers. Two of the four feathers are long, thin, and straight while the remaining two are dark and shaped like a spatula. 

5. Gurney’s Pita

Gurney's Pita

The number five most colorful bird on my list is the gurney pita. These birds are indeed magnificent! I know you’ve heard me say the same thing about the four other birds I’ve talked about. Every bird on my list is beautiful, so don’t be surprised to see me gushing about every one of them. 

The gurney pita is quite rare. So, you can only see them if you visit Thailand, Tenasserim, Khao Nor Chu Chi, or Myanmar. These birds are some of the most endangered bird species in the world, and their habitat is fast being destroyed because of the palm oil industry. 

The beauty of the gurney pita starts from its turquoise crown and tail. Its undersides are black, along with the sides of the face. Unfortunately, the success rate of the gurney pita is low, and only one chick of each clutch survives. 

 6. Resplendent Quetzal 

Resplendent Quetzal

Ah, yes, the resplendent quetzal–a favorite bird of mine. The resplendent quetzal is a stunning bird once held sacred by the Aztec and Maya people. The feathers of these birds were used to make adornments for their priests and kings, thanks to the sheer beauty of the feathers. The Aztec and Maya people didn’t kill the resplendent quetzal; instead, they released them after collecting the bird’s beautiful feathers. 

The quetzal’s tails are one of its most outstanding features. The tails can grow up to a meter long and are quite gorgeous. The magnificent tail of the adult male is gray with black stripes. The adult male’s head glistens green, and the wings and back are covered in the same shade of green. The bird can better blend into the moist forest foliage thanks to its vivid green coloring.

7. Gouldian Finch 

Gouldian Finch

A finch makes the number seven spot thanks to the Gouldian finch. If you live in the northern parts of Australia, you may see the Gouldian finch someday. The Gouldian finch will wander and move around 40 kilometers as they look for food and water. The body of the Gouldian finch is so filled with various colors that they are often called the Rainbow finch. 

8. Victoria Crowned Pigeon 

Victoria Crowned Pigeon

The Victoria-crowned pigeon originates in the northern New Guinea plains and swamps. Unfortunately, the population of the Victoria crowned pigeon is seriously declining due to the loss of habitat. As if habitat loss isn’t enough, these beautiful birds are hunted for meat and feathers. Even though hunting these birds has been declared illegal, some still do it. 

The Victoria-crowned pigeon population is also declining because the rate at which they are killed doesn’t match up with this bird’s slow reproduction. Beautiful lace feathers and blue feathers characterize the Victoria-crowned pigeon. 

9. Mandarin Duck 

Mandarin Duck

The mandarin duck looks like the imagination of a very creative child artist. The colors on this bird are so spectacular it’s unreal. Just like the peacock, the beauty of this bird species is reserved for the males. However, the mandarin duck is considered the most beautiful duck in the world. 

If you wish to see the mandarin duck, you should know that they are native to the eastern parts of China and Russia. The mandarin duck likes to stay near lakes and rivers and is also an excellent flier. 

10. Nicobar Pigeon 

Nicobar Pigeon

The second pigeon that enters my list of the world’s most colorful pigeons is the Nicobar pigeon. These astonishing birds can be found in Southeast Asia and the Pacific. There is no official report concerning the numbers of the Nicobar pigeon, but their population is fast declining thanks to deforestation and predators. The common predators of these beautiful birds are cats and rats. 

The Nicobar pigeon is one of the most beautiful birds in the world because of its luminous colors. In terms of length, the Nicobar pigeon can reach up to 17 inches. 

11. Horned Sungem 

Horned Sungem

The horned sungem can be found in the jungles of South America. The horned sungem is so named because its feathers look like horns. The horned sungem is a tiny hummingbird with two arranged feathers that resemble horns. 

These beautiful horns are most seen on the brightly colored male horned sungem. 

12. Northern Cardinal 

Northern Cardinal

Our very own northern cardinal makes the 12th place as one of the world’s most beautiful birds. The red feathers on these cardinals are so beautiful that you can’t stop staring at them if you ever have the privilege of spotting one. So, where can one see the northern cardinal? They can be seen in North America and are regular visitors to bird feeders in its range. 

The northern cardinal is a medium-sized songbird characterized by a red crest and short orange-red beaks. The face of the northern cardinal appears to be masked thanks to its fantastic coloration. The body of these birds are dull brown, and their wings and tails are red. 

13. Keel-billed Toucan 

Keel-billed Toucan

Of course, a Toucan was going to make this list. Toucans are members of the parrot species, and their large bills characterize them. However, what makes the keel-billed Toucan very beautiful is its multicolored bill. The length of the Toucan’s bill can go as far as 20cm. The keel-billed Toucan is also very popular because of its black feathers and enormous bill. 

The keel-billed Toucan can be found in South and Central America. These birds could be better flyers because of their enormous bills. We don’t need them to be expert fliers like the peregrine falcon; we are perfectly content just seeing them be all pretty. 

14. Kingfisher 


The kingfisher is an exotic bird that has a broad bill. The kingfisher belongs to the Alcedinidae family, with over a hundred different species. 

The kingfisher hunts for fish, and that fact is undeniable from their names. Kingfishers have different colors and sizes, but they share similar shapes. The body of the kingfisher is significant, including its head, and the kingfisher’s bill is even more significant than their heads. 

The primary color of these beautiful fishing birds is blue, which can be found amongst most kingfisher species. 

15. Rainbow Lorikeet

Rainbow Lorikeet

The rainbow lorikeet is another beautiful bird from the parrot species. The colors on these birds are oh-so-beautiful! Nature was trying to prove a point in the rainbow lorikeet. These beautiful parrots can be seen in Australia, Austria, and the United States. 

Thankfully, these birds are not threatened because they are highly protected. Even though the pet trade threatens them, the rainbow lorikeet is safe for the most part. 

16. Wilson’s Bird Of Paradise 

Nature keeps pulling out magic from its bags, pulling out a beautiful one in Wilson’s bird of paradise. These birds are one of the strangest-looking birds you will ever see, but they are so striking that it is hard not to admire them. The mix of colors on the Wilson bird of paradise includes colors such as black, red, yellow, and white. 

The Wilson bird of paradise can be seen deep in the forests of Indonesia. They are hard to spot, though. 

17. Golden Pheasant 

Golden Pheasant

The golden pheasant is native to the forest mountains of China. However, wild colonies of these beautiful pheasants have also been seen in some parts of Europe and North and South America. 

The golden pheasant is a magical bird thanks to its multicolored plumage. The crest of the golden pheasant is red and yellow-tipped, and its bottom and face are red and white. Rusty tan colors characterize the sides and throat of the golden pheasant. The golden pheasant has a green and yellow beak with pale brown feathers. 

Like their peacock cousins, the male golden pheasants are more colorful than their female counterparts. The plumage of the females is a dull, mottled brown. 

18. Hyacinth Macaw 

Hyacinth Macaw

On the 18th spot, I have the privilege of introducing the world’s giant flying parrot, the hyacinth macaw! This large parrot has an incredible length of 100 cm and lives in semi-open areas in the savannah grasslands and Northern Brazil. 

Unfortunately, the population of these bright blue birds has declined over the years. It is estimated that less than 5,000 hyacinth macaws are left in the world today, and that is an unfortunate report. 

Away from the bad news, the hyacinth macaw is known for its striking blue color and bright yellow rings around its eyes. 

19. Indian Fowl 

Of course, this list wouldn’t be accurate if I didn’t mention India’s national bird– The peacock. The peacock is known for its dazzling colors and, of course, its mating ritual. 

The spectacular tail feathers of the male peacock are a feature that sets it apart from its female counterparts. Males use their train feathers to entice females throughout the mating season; they don’t merely have them for aesthetic purposes.

Females are disadvantaged in color, especially when contrasted to their male counterparts. The female peacock’s feathers have drab tones with sporadic spots of color. 

20. Blue Jay 

Blue Jay

The blue jay is one of the world’s most intelligent birds and belongs to the same family as crows– The Corvidae family. If you are looking to sight a blue jay, you may spot them in Central and East America. 

The blue jay is so intelligent that it can mimic the voice of a hawk to take away the eggs of other birds. The length of the blue jay can reach up to 9-12 inches, and its blue color characterizes them. The blue jay has a white face and a blue crest that rests on its head. The neck of the blue jay is black-collared, and a black color runs at the sides of its head. 

21. Flamingo


Flamingos are another beautiful bird thanks to their pink wings and impressive long legs. 

Large birds called flamingos can be recognized by their long necks and pink feathers. Eating algae and invertebrate pigments cause flamingos to turn pink. These long-necked birds consume a lot of beta-carotene, an organic compound with a reddish-orange color, which is abundant in the algae they consume.

The larger flamingo(one of six flamingo species) is the tallest. The greater flamingo is the most frequent flier in the genus despite being the tallest.

22. Red-necked Tanager

Red-necked Tanager

The red-necked tanager is a spectacular bird. They have yellow-orange wings with a red chin which earned them the name “red-necked tanager.” The head of the red-necked tanager is characterized by a deep blue, which is very beautiful. These birds are easily one of the most beautiful birds out there. 

23. Red Crested Turaco

Red Crested Turaco

The red-crested turaco is a lovely bird that is native to Africa. These birds can be found in the savannahs of sub-Saharan Africa, forests, and woods. The red-crested turaco measures about 20 inches and weighs about one pound. The red-crested turaco is characterized by its red crest. 

The red-crested turaco is frugivorous, and they have a call that sounds like a jungle monkey. The red-crested turaco usually gathers in flocks of 30 and will remain in tees, only coming down when they want to eat. 

24. Snowy Owl 

Snowy Owl

Many people do not consider owls to be beautiful, but I find owls to be exceptionally beautiful. These mysterious birds are powerful birds of prey with a stare that looks straight into the soul. One of the most beautiful birds in the world is the snowy owl. Did you see that owl that Harry Potter owned? Yeah, that was a snowy owl. 

The snowy owl is very rare and native to Eurasia and Northern America. The male snowy owl is all white, while the females are white with a mix of black. 

25. Atlantic Puffin

Atlantic Puffin

The Atlantic puffin is a magnificent bird native to the eastern Canadian coasts and the Northern United States. These black and white birds are often mistaken for penguins, even though they look more like parrots. The Atlantic puffin is called the sea parrot, which is beautiful thanks to its colorful beak. 

The Atlantic puffin spends most of its time on the floor of oceans, and its water-resistant feathers keep them warm. 

26. Painted Bunting

Painted Bunting

The painted bunting can be seen in Southern North America. However, the painted bunting will fly to Central North America and the Caribbean when it is winter. The painted bunting eats insects and seeds as its main diet unless they are breeding

The males of the painted bunting are gorgeous, and they are often described as the most beautiful birds in North America. Its distinctive colors—dark blue head, green back, red rump, and underparts—make it incredibly simple to recognize. Still, it can be challenging to spot because it frequently blends into foliage, even when singing.

The female-painted bunting is green and yellow, which is used for camouflage. 

27. Cockatoo


The cockatoo is another beautiful bird from the parrot species that deserves a spot on this list. The cockatoo is one of the most well-known species from the parrot family, thanks to its beak and crest. 

Cockatoos are usually black, gray, or white. Compared to other parrot family members, cockatoos are massive, weighing between 320 to 1200 grams when they are adults. 

28. Bohemian Waxwing

Bohemian Waxwing

The bohemian waxwing is a beautiful songbird. The crest on the head of the bohemian waxwing makes it a very easy-to-identify songbird. These birds also have a distinct brown-gray hue with wings that have yellow and white edges. 

The bohemian waxwing is a bird that makes heads turn. These birds breed in the Palearctic and North America’s northern forests. The bohemian waxwing chooses to breed in coniferous forests and will make its nest close to the water. 

29. Wood Duck

Wood Duck

The wood duck, even though it is simplistic in color, it is still one of nature’s finest birds. The crest and head of the wood duck have a metallic purple-green color which blends very well with the bird’s white body. The dark red breast of the wood duck makes it easy to identify from other duck species. They also have white stripes around their neck, which are very aesthetic. 

The wood duck breeds in areas in the eastern United States, on the west coast of the United States, in some nearby regions of southern Canada, and on the west coast of Mexico. They also breed in wooded swamps, shallow lakes, marshes, etc. They will utilize nesting boxes in wetland areas, but typically they nest in tree cavities near bodies of water.

30. Paradise Tanager

Paradise Tanager

The paradise tanager is arguably one of the most beautiful birds in the world. The bird has a riot of colors on its body, making me think that nature was in a creative mood the day it spawned the paradise tanager.

The paradise tanager can be found in the Amazon’s tropical woods. The colors on the paradise tanager include a yellow rump, green head, and, depending on the species, blue belly. 

31. Purple Gallinule

Purple Gallinule

The purple gallinule is a stunning bird thanks to the incredible colors of its plumage. The purple gallinule is one of the most beautiful birds, and I can’t have enough of it. 

When in good lighting, an adult purple gallinule’s purple-blue feathers will reflect green and turquoise. In addition to the red and yellow bill, adults also have a shield with a pale blue border on their foreheads. Low light or darkness can dull the adult’s vibrant purple-blue plumage, giving them a darkish or brownish appearance. These birds are truly magnificent. 

32. Strawberry Finch

Strawberry Finch

The strawberry finch gets its name thanks to its “strawberry” looking feathers. The strawberry finch is often used as a pet because of how beautiful they are. These finches belong to the family Estrildidae and can be found in Tropical Asia. 

The strawberry finch’s rounded black tail and its bill’s seasonal redness make it simple to recognize. The breeding male has a red rump and is primarily red up top, except for a black eye stripe, lower belly, and wings.

33. Dwarf Kingfisher

Dwarf Kingfisher

Let me introduce you to the next kingfisher on my list– The dwarf kingfisher. The colors on this bird are so unreal. The dwarf kingfisher is native to Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent, and the dwarf kingfisher can be found in lowland forests. 

A black spot on the forehead, blue and white patches on the side of the neck, a lilac-rufous crown, rump, and tail, a dark blue back and wings, a white chin and throat, pale yellow-orange underparts are some of the features shared by the male and female dwarf kingfisher. The dwarf kingfisher is so named because it is the smallest of kingfishers. 

34. Andean Cock of the Rock

Andean Cock of the Rock

The Andean cock of the rock looks like a bird from an entirely different planet. The color of individuals of these birds usually differs from orange to bright red. Unfortunately, there is a high chance that you will never get to see one because they live in South American cloud forests. 

The female Andean cock of the rock is noticeably darker and browner than the male, which has a large disk-like crest and scarlet or brilliant orange plumage. Males congregate to compete for breeding females by flaunting their vibrant plumage, bobbing, and using a variety of calls. After all the trouble of trying to win a mate, the males will only mate and allow the females to build nests and raise their babies. Men, right? 

35. Bearded Reedling

Bearded Reedling

If you think the Andean cock of the rock looks otherworldly, you should check out the bearded reedling. The bearded reedling is so fluffy that you’d feel like cuddling it through the picture. Is that possible? Because I want to cuddle and pet this bird!

The bearded reedling belongs to the Panuridae family; its colors are soft, and its feathers are puffy. 

36. Red Bishop

Red Bishop

The red bishop belongs to the widowbird and bishop species found in the wetlands and grasslands of Africa. 

Male breeding red bishops have vivid red, occasionally orange, and black plumage. The rest of the head is red, with a black forehead, face, and throat. Except for the brown wings and tail, the upper parts are red. 

The lower breast and belly are black, while the upper breast and under tail-coverts are red. Both the non-breeding male and female have brown streaks on their skin. 

37. Hooded Pitta

Hooded Pitta

The hooded pitta is known for its turquoise feathers. These birds can be found throughout South East Asia in various habitats. Some of the habitats of the hooded pitta include plantations and various kinds of forests. 

The primary colors on the body of the hooded pitta are green and black. The diet of these beautiful birds is insects, berries, and larvae. 

38. Great Prairie Chicken

Great Prairie Chicken

It is tough to see an excellent prairie chicken, no thanks to habitat loss and hunting. The great prairie chicken is a beautiful-looking bird, thanks to its plumage. These birds belong to the grouse family. 

Great Prairie Chicken male and female adults are stocky, medium to large chicken-like birds with rounded wings. They have short, typically rounded tails. Adult males have dark, elongated head feathers that can be raised or laid along the neck. The male adult great prairie chicken also has orange comb-like feathers over its eyes.

39. Blue Paradise Flycatcher

Blue Paradise Flycatcher

The blue paradise flycatcher is a bird that has a striking appearance thanks to its blue feathers and a soft tuft of hair on the bird’s head. The blue paradise flycatcher is native to the Philippines, where it calls the lowlands it’s home. Due to deforestation, the number of blue paradise flycatchers is declining. 

40. Green Bee Eater

Green Bee Eater

The green bee-eater is a tough bird to spot, and they have a black striped throat, red eyes, and a black face mask. From their name, you can guess which insect makes up the bulk of the green bee eater’s menu. 

The green bee eater is widely distributed across Asia, India, and Vietnam. The populations of green bee-eaters are now considered to be different species. 

The green bee eater’s entire body is bright green with blue undertones, especially on the chin and throat. The upper back and crown have golden rufous undertones. These stunning birds have rufous flight feathers with green washes and blackish tips. Between the eye and the brow is a thin black line. 

41. Yellow Oriole

Yellow Oriole

Finally, an oriole makes our list. The yellow oriole is a beautiful yellow bird with black markings. The yellow oriole is known to breed in Venezuela, Trinidad, Guineas, and some parts of Brazil. They can be found in open woodlands, gardens, and scrubs. 

The yellow oriole isn’t a big bird weighing a paltry 38 grams and measuring about 20-21 cm long. In addition to having a white wing bar and some white feather edging, the adult male yellow oriole has a black eye mask, thin black throat line, black tail, and black wings.

The female is similar but a little duller.

42. Black and Red Broadbill

Black and Red Broadbill

The black and red broadbill is the very definition of beauty. These gorgeous birds can be found in Vietnam, Indonesia, Brunei, Cambodia, Thailand, etc. If you ever see the black and red broadbill, you will think it’s the painting of a wildly imaginative artist. You may call this artist God or Nature; it’s all up to you. 

The black and red broad-bill belongs to the Eurylaimidae. These are large, distinctive birds with maroon underparts, black upper parts, a maroon neckband, and white bars on their wings. 

The black and red broadbill also has a large, two-colored, blue-and-yellow bill. The species shows slight sexual dimorphism, with females being smaller than males.

43. Yellow-Browed Warbler

Yellow-Browed Warbler

The yellow-browed warbler is an excellent-looking bird. The face of these birds are so cute, and it is hard not to go “awwwn” when you see one. The yellow-browed warbler can be seen in regions south of South East Asia. The yellow-browed warbler is known for being very migratory, so you may be in luck when you spot them in Europe. If “adorable” were a bird, it would be a yellow-browed warbler. 

44. Magpie


The magpie isn’t as exotic as some of the birds on this list, but they are gorgeous.

The magpie is often overlooked because they are pretty standard, but it is vital to appreciate the beauty of the magpie. 

For the most part, magpies are black and white; however, some individuals have blue and white feathers. Oh, and the magpie is one of the most intelligent birds in the world: beauty and brains. 

45. Blue Tit

Blue Tit

The blue tit is another very adorable bird. The tiny eyes of the blue tit are enhanced because of its soft yellow and blue feathers. The blue tit is one of the easiest birds on this list to spot, and this is because they like to hang out in gardens. 

Typically resident and non-migratory, Eurasian blue tits can be found in deciduous or mixed forests with a significant amount of oak throughout temperate and subarctic Europe. 

46. Purple-Rumped Sunbird

Purple-Rumped Sunbird

The purple-rumped sunbird calls the Indian subcontinent it’s home. These birds drink nectar, occasionally eat insects, and hover like hummingbirds. However, hummingbirds hover for a longer time than the purple-rumped sunbird. 

The males have an upper side that is a deep maroon color with a blue-green crown that shimmers at certain angles. They also have a bright green shoulder patch and a violet rump patch typically hidden by the wings. The underparts are white with a dark throat, maroon breast band, and an occasionally visible purple patch. 

47. Common Green Magpie

Common Green Magpie

If you come across the term “common” in the name of the green magpie, you may be tempted to underestimate these birds. Don’t. There is nothing common about the common green magpie, and the varying shades of green and yellow on the common green magpie are breathtaking. 

The familiar green magpie is a member of the crow family, which makes them quite intelligent. 

48. Empress Brilliant

Empress Brilliant

Just by hearing the name of this bird, you can already guess what a beauty it will be. The empress brilliant is truly an empress with a brilliant array of shimmering colors. The feathers of the empress brilliant look iridescent, just like the ones seen on quetzals. The empress brilliant is a member of the hummingbird species seen in the tropical and subtropical regions of Columbia and Ecuador. 

49. Goldcrest


The Goldcrest is the embodiment of the word Cute. The Goldcrest is a tiny Passerine bird, and it belongs to the kinglet family, and in European folklore, it is called the king of birds. 

This kinglet has two white wing bars, whitish underparts with greenish upper parts. It has a simple face with black irises contrasting its bright yellow head crest, and the males display the yellow crest during breeding.

50. Hoopoe


I will end this list with the weird-looking bird I can find– The hoope. These birds are seen in Africa, Asia, and Europe. The feathers of the hoopoe are beautiful, but so is the crown. The hoopoe spends a large amount of its time eating bugs. 

When these beautiful birds sunbathe, they will spread their wings, place their tails low against the ground, and til head up. 

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