Where to Hang Hummingbird Feeder

Hummingbirds are astonishing birds—the jewels of the sky. Hummingbirds are also voracious eaters. If you want to attract hummingbirds to your garden, the best way is to hang a hummingbird feeder strategically. 

So, where is the best place to hang a hummingbird feeder? Well, for one, you need to hang it where it would be visible. Secondly, it has to be brightly colored because hummingbirds have a knack for bright colors. Read on and learn more ways to hang your hummingbird feeder strategically. 

Hummingbird Feeder Placement: Why Does It Even Matter? 

You may be wondering why it’s such a big deal to place a hummingbird feeder, right? You may wonder why we needed to write a full article on this subject. Well, you see, unless you don’t want to attract any hummingbirds to your garden, placing your feeder correctly is very important. 

One of the first things to think about when you are about to place your hummingbird feeder is the line of sight. It would help if you hung the feeder where you and your visitors can see the birds come to feed. However, beyond the line of sight, there are other reasons why getting a good placement is important. 

  • Nectar Degradation 

In one of our articles, how to make hummingbird food, we talked about how nectar can get spoiled quickly when exposed to sunlight. If you are serious about providing food for hummingbirds, you need to ensure that their food is safe and healthy. 

Your hummingbird friends will stop coming once they notice that their favorite nectar no longer tastes right. This is why placing the feeder in a place that isn’t under direct sunlight is essential. 

  • Leaking 

If you place a hummingbird feeder incorrectly, you may come back to see that the feeder is leaking. When the feeder starts to leak, nectar will spill to the ground. When this happens, you see ants and bees swarming your feeder. Then, you’d need to start figuring out how to keep ants away from your hummingbird feeder. 

  • Predators 

Yes, hummingbirds are cute, but not everyone feels that way—especially cats. If you place your hummingbird feeder incorrectly, you may just be exposing it to predators such as cats and snakes. Cats can sneak up and wait for your hummingbirds to come and feed and kill them. Are you beginning to see why the correct placement of your feeder is vital? 

  • Convenience 

Part of caring for your hummingbirds is by cleaning their feeders regularly. Placing their feeders well will make it easy for you to clean them thoroughly. You do not want to put your hummingbird feeder in a place where bringing them to clean will be too much work. 

  • Visibility 

Of course, visibility is an important reason for hanging out at a hummingbird feeder. You want to place your feeder where you can keep an eye on the activity of your Avian friends. This will help you know if they drink their nectar as much as they should. It will help you to know when the nectar is finishing. 

Tips For Hummingbird Feeder Placement 

Now that you know the importance of correctly placing a hummingbird, you are probably asking, “Okay, where is the right place.” Here are a few tips that can guide you. You can also come up with places you think are good but be guided by the tips below. 

Tip 1

Hummingbirds love flowers. They love brightly-colored flowers. So, if you are going to get hummingbirds to build nests in your garden and come to your feeders, you can place the feeders near flowers. If you don’t have any flowers, you can plant some ahead of the migration season. Some flowers you can plant are petunias, Fuschia, and gladiolas. 

Tip 2

Place your hummingbird feeders in spacious gardens. A cramped-up space will not do anyone any good. Hummingbirds like to hover as they feed, and this flying ability requires space. Hummingbirds are also excellent flyers that want to get away as soon as they sense a threat. They also need space for that. 

Tip 3 

You want to place your hummingbird feeder under a shade. One of the advantages a shade offers for you is that it stops the nectar from going bad quickly. This tip is especially important for you if you live in hotter regions such as California. A shade under a tree is also a great place for our ever-energetic, hummer friends to rest. 

Tip 4

It is a good idea to keep your hummingbird feeder off the ground. It would help to raise your feeder to at least six feet off the ground. However, don’t hang it too high. Hummingbirds don’t feed on tree tops. Place your feeder using this simple tip: Not too high, not too low. 

Tip 5

The basic reason for putting out a hummingbird feeder is to have the company of these small birds. It only makes sense that you place the feeder close by. 

Tip 6

Hang your hummingbird feeder away from the feeding stations of other birds. Hummingbirds are very private, and species such as Rufous can become very territorial. So, if you hang your hummingbird feeder near other bird stations, you can trust hummingbirds not to come. 

Tip 7

Hummingbirds are fast and can fly at great speeds. But they are also petite, which makes them the perfect snack for some predators. Please ensure that you hang your hummingbird feeder in a safe place. Check your garden and determine the places you consider to be safe. 

Tip 8

As hummingbirds migrate, they look around for nectar. If they spot your feeder, they will swoop down and drink. They’d also make it a habit of coming back to your garden to drink nectar. This is why you need to hang your hummingbird feeder so that these birds can notice. Do not hang your feeders under a roof. 

So, Where Are The Best Places To Hang a Hummingbird Feeder 

Let’s get down to it and give you an idea of the best places to hang a hummingbird. These ideas are gathered from people who have perfected the art of hummingbird feeder placement so pay attention. 

  1. Under Protective Shade

It is a good idea to place your hummingbird feeder at least ten to twelve feet close to a protective shade. Your hummingbird friends will feel safe if they know there is a place where they can go and rest after drinking. 

  1. Kitchen Window 

The kitchen window is perfect because it allows you to have the best seat in the house as the hummingbirds provide a show. The window will also help you watch the nectar levels if you need to refill. 

  1. Hummingbird Garden 

A hummingbird garden is a perfect place to hang a hummingbird feeder. This is because the garden will have lots of flowers that will make the hummingbirds feel at home. In a hummingbird garden, you can have multiple feeders everywhere in the garden. Hummingbird garden truly makes hummingbird keeping magical. 

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